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In 2015, we branched out from cattle into raising domesticated yaks. We bought our starter herd from Spring Brook Ranch in Kalispell, Montana. We also bought our first yak from Pack River Yaks in Sandpoint, Idaho. We are grateful to both ranches for getting us started, and for their assistance in breaking into the wonderful world of yaks!

The Bull Pen

IMG_0303 (2).JPG

 SBR Herman 2D090

Royal bull 

DOB: 4/11/2016

 SBR Lurch N024  x  SBR Dumb Girl T085-BO

SV Ferdinand 2E199

Royal Bull

DOB: Unknown

Unknown x Unknown

Note: We rescued Ferdinand, so we don't know much about him. But we had him DNA-tested and he is 100% yak!

SV Peanut 2F146

Native Trim Bull

DOB: 7/25/2018

SBR Willy Y114 x 4T2B Dreadlock Millie T078


SV Kilo

Native Trim Bull

DOB: 4/22/2019

SBR Kayak B116  x SBR Tammy B010

The Ladies


SBR Baby S104-B1

Imperial Trim cow

DOB: 6/6/2009

SBR I34 x Unknown

Sierra Valley Yaks Amelia

SV Amelia T120-GO

Native Black cow

DOB: 6/19/2010

Unknown x Unknown

Sierra Valley Yaks Eleanor

SV Eleanor Z173-GO

Native Black Trim cow

DOB: 3/26/2012

Unknown x Unknown

SV Betsy 2C238-GO

Royal cow

DOB: 7/13/2015

Unknown x SBR Baby S104-B1

Sierra Valley Yaks Lily

SV Lily A170-GO

Imperial Trim cow

DOB: 7/15/2013

Unknown x Unknown 


SBR Kinnzie 2D086

Royal cow

DOB: 6/1/2016

SBR Buck T165 x SBR Helga H064


SBR Tausha 2D081

Royal cow 

DOB: 4/7/2016

SBR Oscar  Z159 x SBR Maggie Mae M027 

LDR Princess B244

Royal cow

DOB: 2014

LDR Alaska P018 x FW Finesse P026

SV Eleven

Imperial cow

DOB: 7/20/17

SBR Kayak B116 x SV Susan T121-GO


SV Maxine 

Native Black cow

DOB: 9/2/17

SBR Kayak B116  x SBR Matilda 2C041

IMG_7799 (1).JPG

SV Sprite 2F145

Native Black cow

DOB: 7/22/17

SBR Kayak B116 x SV Eleanor Z173-GO


SV Sally 2 2C252

Native Black Trim cow

DOB: Unknown

Unknown x Unknown


SV RBG 2G125

Native Black cow

DOB: 7/12/2019

SBR Kayak B116 x SV Eleanor Z173-GO

Sierra Valley Yaks Tammy

SBR Tammy B010-B1

Native Black Trim cow

DOB: 5/21/2014

SBR Chet P112 x SBR TT Bar Q080-B0

Sierra Valley Yaks Clara

SV Clara Z171-GO

Native Black cow

DOB: 3/16/2012

Unknown x SBR N056

SV Susan T121-GO

Imperial cow

DOB: 6/6/2010

Unknown x Unknown

Sierra Valley Yaks Sandra

SV Sandra Z174-GO

Native Black Trim cow

DOB: 4/1/2012

Unknown x SBR 525

Sierra Valley Yaks Sally

SV Sally Z172-GO

Native Black Trim cow

DOB: 2012

Unknown x Unknown


SBR Serena 2D082

Royal cow

DOB: 4/10/2016

SBR Buck T165  x SBR Shelby M037 

SBR Matilda 2C041

Native Black Trim cow

DOB: 5/8/2015

SBR Escalade L076 x  SBR Maureen T152

SBR LuLu Belle 2D083

Imperial Trim cow

DOB: 4/16/2016

SBR Lurch  N024x  SBR Kamey K82-B0


SV Levi

Native Black cow

DOB: 8/6/17

SBR Kayak B116 x SV Sally Z172-GO

12 Squirt.JPG

SV Nancy

Native Black cow

DOB: 8/13/17

SBR Kayak B116  x SV Clara Z171-GO

SV Squirt

Native Black cow

DOB: 7/22/17

SBR Kayak B116 x SV Eleanor Z173-GO

IMG_8042 (3).JPG

4T2B Dreadlock Millie T078

Native Black Trim cow

DOB: 4/13/2010

SB N025 x  4T2B Carley's Royal Gold


SV Moose

Imperial cow

DOB: 6/4/2018

SBR Kayak B116 x SV Susan T121-GO

Calves are Cute!



Honorary Yak



Ranch Dogs


Sliding S Thunderstorm Falcon





Josey (L) and Blackjack (R)



In Memorium

Sierra Valley Yaks Kayak

SBR Kayak B116 

5/14/2014- 1/30/2022

P112 Chet x Y102 Cher

Kayak is the foundation of our herd. He got us started in 2015 and sired many of our best yaks. He was the most perfect bull we could ask for.  He was gentle and sweet with not a mean bone in his body.  He was always up for treats and would be patient until it was his turn.  Kayak was born in Kalispell, Montana but he became a true California gentleman.

We miss him so very much.  

SBR Willy Y114


SBR Royal Gold Allante x SBR K011

We rescued Willy in the summer of 2018.  He was living in a very hot part of northern California with a small herd and the owners contacted us to ask if we would take them.  When we arrived at the ranch, we were shocked by his grandeur.  Willy was a stunning bull- large with a huge horn spread and a big, beautiful blocky head. He quickly fit in with our herd.  We were able to research his lineage and realized he was a foundation bull.  As soon as we determined who he was, we immediately made him part of our breeding program. 


His legacy lives on in our breeding bull SV Peanut, who is equally stunning.

SV Kali


SBR Kayak B116 x SV Sandra Z174

Kali was the first yak born on our ranch and of course, she was born while we were in Kalispell, Montana picking up a load of yaks from Spring Brook Ranch. As we were pulling into our driveway, we looked over by the creek and saw SV Sandra with a tiny black blob standing by her.  Greg slammed on the brakes and we both looked at each other in shock. We had a baby!


Kachina Mountain Thunderstorm DNA-VP




Before becoming a ranch dog, Wyatt was a certified search and rescue dog with the State of California. He was certified as a Type 1 wilderness area dog and Type 2 cadaver dog.  Wyatt proudly served the State for over 10 years and was deployed on many searches in Santa Barbara and Nevada Counties and throughout California. Wyatt was brilliant at his job and was Jenna's "once-in-a-lifetime-dog". 

Stormy Kyburz.jpg




We rescued Stormy from the Truckee-Tahoe Humane Society in 2012.  He was supposed to just be a foster dog until he found his forever home but he quickly burrowed his way into our hearts and he became a permanent part of our family. Stormy loved living on the ranch and helping out with the daily chores.   





Jenna rescued Levi from NorCal Aussie Rescue in 2008 after he was given up at almost 11 years old! The Rescue owner asked what type of dog Jenna was looking for and when she looked down at her feet, there were 2 blue eyes looking straight up at her. That sealed the deal.  Levi's last few months were spent happily playing and sleeping at the ranch .




Greg rescued Coula in 2006 from a Catahoula rescue in the Bay Area.  Coula was our sweet, perfect boy who loved every person and dog he ever met.  He was a consummate gentleman who loved to swim, play in the snow and go on horseback rides.  Before moving to the ranch, Coula was the neighborhood ambassador.  He once came home with a Hawaiian lei around his neck with a note that said "We love Coula!" 


Tasso's Cochon du Lait




Cooch was a ranch dog at heart!  He kept predators away with his loud bark and was always on patrol. He loved basking in the warm sun and herding cattle. He sure did not love our cold, snowy winters!

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