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We are located in the Sierra Valley, in both Sierra and Plumas Counties. The home ranch is located on 80 acres just outside the community of Calpine, and provides a mix of seasonal forages irrigated by Fletcher Creek and Spring Channel. An additional 40 acres of sub-irrigated meadow near Frenchman Lake provides summer pasturage. Winter feed consists of high-quality grass and alfalfa hay grown by local Sierra Valley ranches.

Sierra County Ranch

Plumas County Ranch

The diverse natural forages produced in the high alpine environment of the Sierra Valley contribute to the unique flavor components of our yak meat, resulting in a product that truly reflects the local environment and flora community where our yaks are raised. Excellent forage, along with our winter alpine climate, allows the yaks to produce plentiful and fine down fiber.

Jenna and Greg Gatto

Jenna & Greg Gatto

Greg and Jenna raised cattle for a number of years prior to switching to yaks. We became interested in yaks due to our alpine valley location, and the possibility of an animal that can be reared year-round in the Sierra Valley, with its cold winter climate. Further research into these animals excited us about the opportunities associated with their meat, fiber, and potential dairy production. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with these animals, and are working to expand our herd with quality bloodlines.

To learn more about us and why we decided to raise yaks, please watch our video below.  
We are grateful to the talented filmmakers at Loyalton High School for putting our vision to film.

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